Earlier this year, I wrote a series of devotional lessons called Meaningless Life – a study in Ecclesiastes. Now, I have compiled it into a free PDF. The purpose of this resource is three-fold: 1) it is a resource for skeptics and seekers who are searching for meaning. 2) it is a resource for discouraged Believers. 3) it is a resource for exposition and apologetic study of the Scriptures.

The Search for Meaning

Discouraged? Skeptical? Need an encounter with the real God? Meaningless Life is a simple plan that walks through the book of the Bible that bemoans its’ hardships and yet discovers deep joy: Ecclesiastes. Struggling in relationships, work, physically, or emotionally? Are you a high-achiever, insecure, worried, proud of what you’ve accomplished? The wisest man in the world set out on a quest to find solutions for these and more and he found them!

God bless!


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