There are many advantages of bivocational ministers. One, is patterned by William Carey who was a testimony to the natives of India through his bivocational work on the field and a rather consistent “support” from that income while he yet labored on in sharing the Gospel. Choosing a “harder life” often inspires others to listen rather than reject one’s message. Two, bivocational missionaries are able to reach many who would never step foot in a mission because of fear or pride, thus more can be won to the Lord through faithful bivocational ministry. Third, bivocational missions provides an “undercover” status into countries that don’t allow missionaries or Christianity. Last, yet another advantage is that bivocational missions provides a more stable support base for missionaries whereas a purely donation model often suffers from those who do not give as they pledged that they would.

Al Fasol deals with the characteristic of flexibility in relation to bivocational ministry. If you aren’t flexible, handling a job and family responsibilities plus church duties is unwise. Bivocationalism is not for anyone and the minister whether bivocational or not faces many pulls on his time such as emergencies, hospital visits, shut-ins, counseling, numerous community board meetings and more. A bivocational minister must be able to be flexible for since he is not in the church 9-5 but in the office or on the job, things will come up often that were unexpected and must be dealt with wisely. While bivocationalism does demand careful time management, it also allows the minister to focus on necessary tasks such as preaching, shepherding, teaching, and counseling that God has specifically called him to while he is able to pass off the administrative, evangelism and even pastoral care functions largely to the congregation, thus equipping them and launching them to do the work of the ministry themselves.

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