It has been no secret to those who know me that I have been in a process of searching the past few months years. Having taken full advantage of the college – career launch years to explore interests I have learned some things and, while still not completely crystal, am getting a partial puzzle constructed toward what that space truly is.

We all have a desire to live a meaningful life. We want to be successful. Bigger houses, more degrees, climbing the career ladder and making more money though is probably not the way. True success has a lot to do with your internal self. Are you content and fulfilled or stressed and drained? There is hope! We can make one little choice today in the right direction and another tomorrow on the path true success and abundance.

  • We may need to quit a toxic relationship
  • We may need to flee temptation by avoiding a certain environoment
  • We may need to quit a boss
  • We may need to respectfully burn a bridge or say no and close the door
  • We may need to consider being more minimalist than materialist
  • We may need to focus on fewer, deep friendships than trying to keep up with a crowd
  • We may need to go from scattered to doing one thing well
  • We DO need to tune out some negative voices and deposit encouraging ones

I am naturally more inclined to see the negative. Aren’t we all though? When looking at ourselves and thinking about our own situation, we have a tendency to veer toward the negative. We all need encouragers who help us look at things from a different perspective. One great way to start today is by finding podcasts. Here are some that have been helping me recently: Homesteady, Royal Ranger Podcast, The Ken Coleman Show, Summit Life with J.D. Greear, and the Mastermind Blueprint.

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