After spending the last 8 years of my employment life in odd jobs, customer service, nonprofits, ministry, and startups, I have learned that my strengths are not really on the frontline. Roles in frontline supervision, multitasking and customer service are draining for me. It is the backend, the details, the organization, and getting tasks done that energizes me. Stocking a load, digitizing records, organizing clutter and simplifying are my strengths passions and interests.

I didn’t realize for quite a while but my interests in hiking, homesteading, the woods, strategy, taking long walks, sustainability, renewables, recycling, Christian education, writing, speaking, and mentoring men are all interconnected. I love to help others from the backseat. I have been the leader, often very quickly because of my reliability to manage myself and get things done well. But I enjoy working alongside a leader much more, making their life easier by taking care of the details, taking tasks off their hands so that they can focus. I enjoy speaking and writing but not just the moment of execution, but the process. It is energizing.

With all that disclosed, I am looking to move into a role in backend operations to maximize my career in service to others where I can contribute most.

How can I help you in the journey to find your sweet spot and live abundantly?

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