I have said on multiple occasions while preaching that building a ministry is not eternal. What is eternal is the Gospel, Jesus, and the Church. With that said, I believe it is time for Focusing on the Mark Ministries to shut down October 1st. I certainly believe the Lord called and used FMM for a season but that is not this season. To keep it running I have to clearly operate in my own strength and human desire to not let it die. The Lord’s ministry never dies but no Christian organization is eternal. There are faithful ministries out there doing what FMM in some ways aimed for. I heartily recommend:
FTC.co (Midwestern Seminary’s For the Church Ministry)
Jared C. Wilson’s The Imperfect Disciple
Biblical Training
Pray the Word with David Platt
The Radical Podcast
Summit Life with J.D. Greear
The Believers Bible Commentary
The Ken Coleman Show (career advice)

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