Paul was a tentmaker.

Often, I think we overlook that.

Jesus was a the supposed son of a Jewish Carpenter for 91% of His earthly trek and yet a preacher for under 10%.

Calling supersedes making a living. Calling impacts specific people. You and I aren’t called to everyone but we are called by God to impact specific people.

We all view ourselves in some fashion. Internally, we think something about ourselves and that can be proud and arrogant or balanced or fearful and insecure. Vocationally, I have been primarily a tradesman. I’ve done manual work for most of the pay I’ve earned so far in life. Teaching, writing, preaching, internet communication are my calling.

Even at my current age of 23, I’ve already spent 1/4-1/3 of my life here. God has blessed me by graciously saving me. He has wired me to be a hard worker who gets tasks done yet one who loves to listen, reflect, learn. Christ marvelously chose to recruit imperfect me to serve His Church through the pen and voice.

The world would say I’m a tradesman, Christ says I’m His and on mission to serve in a particular way that He has equipped. What about you?

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