books-1015594_640When I started publishing books, I was 19. I began writing articles and sermons at 14. By 16, I wrote a curriculum. I published 7 full-length (100+ page) books my first year while in college. As I wrapped up college, began my own business and attended a book publishing seminar I published everything I could think of! I had the self-publishing bug and published numerous articles and minibooks based on papers and articles I had written from my teens up to the present. Blogs, Facebook, Email newsletters, articles, papers and books flew out.

In 2016, I began the process of prayerfully and critically looking at the stewardship of writing that I have been entrusted with.

Yes, I had published much, but some books never sold. Others, honestly, may not have been that helpful. I am endeavoring to write more quality and less quantity henceforth. Therefore, my once number of published minibooks, booklets and books is much smaller today. I am doing my best to be less hasty to get to the press.

When I was young, I ran in ministry. In my daily devotional intake I ran and learned much, read many chapters of Scripture a day, and ran with evangelistic zeal. Many of those things have not changed, but maturity has taught me that quantity alone is not enough. I thank God for that season in my life, He ministered too many and used me despite the fact that I was very much a greenhorn. Those first sermons! Those first writings–ouch. But praise God that He surrounded me with mentors who saw a gift God has bestowed and was calling me to use for His glory. I’m still young and growing more and more aware in seminary of just how I barely scratch the surface of understanding. I am a generalist and not a specialist. But I have finally learned the lesson that it is true that quality is better than quantity.

The main things in my writing I pray will never change. Jesus Christ is the miraculously conceived, crucified, risen and coming Savior and Lord of all the Earth! All people will one day bow their knee to Him. Repent and trust Him, Jesus is the only way to forgiveness of sins! Lord, from this changing season of seeking to be a better steward, I ask You that Christ would be glorified in all I do. My one aim is to be faithful.

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