There are two major theories of business. One is diversification. In this view your business needs to be able to do many things and do them well. The other is specialization. This viewpoint argues that a person or an organization cannot do everything well, but they can be fantastic at a few things. Focusing on those are were they excel!

My first time around in business, during and right out of college, my focus was on being a generalist. Everything I knew how to do became part of my business! Everything from cutting grass and odd jobs to setting up websites and writing books. The result? I ended up burning myself out trying to keep too many burners going at once.

I spent some time working for others and learned that specialization is important. We are each wired a certain way: our personality, our strengths and the role we keep playing over and over again different contexts throughout our lives. I discovered that my primary roles came back to (no matter what industry I was in or whether I was volunteering or getting paid) administration and teaching. That may seem an odd combination. But I love to help people and organizations clean up, weed out and simplify to focus on what they do best. I love to teach and help people grow closer to Jesus Christ and see them mature and make disciples themselves for the Lord!

What is it that you do well?

In the Body of Christ, each member has a role to play. My role is not best being behind the projector computer at church. I’ve done that and I can do it but I don’t do it well! My part in the local church is to teach. In the business world, my part is not to be on the front-lines forging new frontiers every day, it is to keep the resources and people organized and placed where they need to be to keep the mission moving forward.

I would argue that while every business and person has to be a generalist in somethings to survive, like paying your bills and washing the dishes, if your strength isn’t accounting, focus on what you do well. What role do you need to fill or the team will suffer?

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